A long time ago, I invented a ship called the Wildly Shameless together with someone I never met. We meant to write a blog about it, with stories about our adventures. As these things go, virtual friendships you know, it never took off. Well, I created the blog and wrote a story, but then…nothing happened. Here is what we had:

Who, where, what & welcome
Arrrr, arrrrrrr, WELCOME, welcome aboard the Wildly Shameless! The mighty Wildly Shameless has set sail! Our brilliant ship with its bunch of buccaneers, freethinkers, interesting people and alround adventurers is on its way to new discoveries. ARRRR!

Captains and crew:

Aleksm, captain Sasha: Captain!
Viooli: grumpy parrot, feta cheese fanatic, cat Guardian Angel
Superkrazyguy06: Thinker/18year old
Abundance: Cook, Life Lover, knows something about medicine
Mackenzie: Ship´s cat. Half Siamese, completely bonkers
Catchy: Artist in residence. Paint-thrower, jester, weird
Skrecok: communist ship’s hamster detective
Ccbloom: Ach-man, with Sjaakie and James, UK shorthair felines

New crew will be selected by the captains only. Suggestions are welcome. A good set of teeth, useful skills and entertaining qualities are a must. BYOP. (bring your own parrot). Mutineers or people with low moral standards will not be tolerated on the Wildly Shameless. Lots of singing, dancing, storytelling and general mayhemming guaranteed! To join, contact the captains.

Who are we?
The captains: Captain Merryweather Knorfhunterssonsonson, aka Eccentrick, comes from the land Up Above. That is, it’s built on water. So to say. Not that it’s afloat. Well, not on water anway. The water was chased away, a lot of mud was dragged in, and voila: the birthgrounds of captain Eccentrick. Captain E. contains strong language. Multiple strong languages, even. Captain E. is very fond of books, cactus drinks and cats. Captain Sasha…

A boisterous welcome to the crew
Arrrr, arrrrrrr, WELCOME, welcome aboard the Wildly Shameless!
Sasha and I thought that the Wildly Shameless deserved a place of its own. After a long time of searching, we found this harbour. We liked it, so we took it. That’s what we do, after all. We warmly (a lot of rum makes you glow inside, right) invite you to come here as often as you want and join the game…the Wildly Shameless Game! Three ARRRRRRRR’s for the Shameless! ARRRRRRRRRRRR! ARRRRRRRRRRRRR! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

So now we’re well fed on feta and olives, as well as drunk on greek wine (a nice change from the traditional rum) we’re off to India. Captain Sasha thought of stealing something from the Taj Mahal, but then I pointed out it was a holy place and that would not be correct, so I came up with a better plan: we’re going to steal the WHOLE Taj Mahal. And an elephant, one big one, and a little one for our thinker who lost his seal in such a tragic manner. (seal stole rum, treasure and peg leg of Thinker and then disappeared. BAD seal. Bad, bad seal!)

We’re thinking of building a new ship…correction, stealing a new ship, and call it the Shameless Ark. Those elephants must have a place to sleep after all, and who wants a snoring elephant in a hammock next to them at night? Thought so…
Anyway. In life, one must adapt, so sari’s on, crew! Yes, you guys too. Off to India!

Stealing the Taj Mahal proved more difficult then we had expected. It is not near the sea, for instance. So first we had to find a way to get from our ship to the Taj Mahal. In the meantime Abundance could go on a curryhunt (don’t forget the chapati’s!), Screcok got into a rough discussion with some street vendors about the advantages of communism, Catchy went delirious: ’the colours, oh, the colours!’ and composed a song about it, Viooli got lost in a book about the Mahabarata and Kevin got lost in general. He was last seen with some giggling girls who tried to teach him the right way to wear a sari. CC had to chase after Sjaakie and James because they tried to fight with an elephant. After a lot of hissing (the cats) and stamping (the elephant) CC managed to catch both her cats ánd the elephant. Sasha and I found a nice place under a tree and suddenly got an epiphany. Elephants! Elephants are strong, right? They can carry everything. Including megatons of Mahal. So Mackenzie, Sjaakie and James went to get more elephants with Skrecok.

Somehow all crew members found their way back to our camp. Abundance cooked us a great meal and then we drove our elephants to Agra. First we took a guided tour. We used some of the sari’s we had…found….to tie to the front of the building, and then let the elephants drag it loose. What a duststorm that caused! Which was good, because nobody saw us folding the Mahal into the elephants’ saddlebags. Then we made a run for it and made it back to our beautiful ship in a couple of days. Finally, water! We had a great singalong with a lot of rum and dancing to celebrate our happy return to the ship. ARRR! Hick!

I think we need to put the elephants on a diet. The ship’s quite low in the water.