I may just as well start now. Could have started yesterday, but I let yesterday pass. I wasted a lot of yesterdays that way. All those days that started hopeful, let’s surprise myself today, and at the end of the day, surprise, the day is over. Let’s just go to bed. Sleep is the best excuse for not doing anything.

– but you need sleep. It’s a necessary thing.

Yes, and when you sleep tomorrow will come faster, and the easter bunny does exist. Another day: today! Today I’ll do it. I don’t know yet what, but it’ll surprise everybody. I’ll write history in a day, or no, I’ll re-write history! The world will become a different place, tonight I’ll go to bed and that mess? My work. Lightning, chaos, the earth without form and void, darkness over the face of the deep, and kabamm! A sunbeam, casting a serene light, the rough material turns out to be a diamond, and that diamond is me. The rolling thunder? I did that. Between lunch and tea, which by the way got cold because I was busy doing great deeds.

– fine, but would you mind cleaning up the mess?