If it’s true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, apple consumption worldwide must have taken a nosedive. Healthcare is booming business and doctors certainly have not disappeared. People used to put their faith in market square quacks and the almighty; nowadays many of us give their vote to the wisdom of the internet. In this huge sea of information we hunt for cures for whatever ails us before we even think about consulting our GP. Sickness is weakness, and who is weak is vulnerable – not a preferred state of being. No greeting card says ‘Well, of course it sucks, but deal with it’. No, it’s ‘Get Well Soon!’ everywhere. And with every strand of DNA unraveled, getting well is being worked on. Cures for many diseases seem to be just around the corner. Who doesn’t want AIDS to be banned, who doesn’t want to see their loved ones survive cancer, or rather not get cancer at all? Don’t we all dream of eventually dying old, happy and healthy? (Well, not those of us who want to live fast and die young, but as they often serve as healthy sources of inspiration to people who want to ‘live long and prosper’, everybody’s happy there). It’s a pity really that new diseases keep popping up almost as soon as cures for the old ones are discovered, and that they are spreading as fast as the almighty stream of information. As yet, illness is here to stay, but it may only be a matter of time. In the meantime, I recommend apples.